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Younger Season 4 torrent Description:

Trying to start a new career gets more difficult as you age, which suddenly single-mom Liza realizes when she tries to re-enter the working world at 40. After a young tattoo artist convinces her she looks younger, Liza decides to do something about it. Her solution revolves around trying to pass herself off as 26, courtesy of a makeover by her best friend, Maggie. The newfound confidence helps get her a job assisting temperamental Diana.

Genre: Comedy
Viewed: 1299

Suits Season 7 torrent Description:

In need of an associate, big-time Manhattan corporate lawyer Harvey Specter hires the only guy who impresses him -- college dropout Mike Ross. The fact that Ross isn't actually a lawyer isn't lost on Specter, who believes his new right-hand man is a legal prodigy with the book smarts of a Harvard law grad and the street smarts of a hustler. However, in order to keep their jobs, the charade must remain strictly between these two unconventional thinkers.

Genre: Comedy
Viewed: 2134

Snowfall Season 1 torrent Description:

It's 1983 and the crack cocaine epidemic is in its infancy in Los Angeles. Ambitious Lucia - the daughter of a Mexican crime lord who sells marijuana throughout the city - sees the burgeoning cocaine business as a potential moneymaker, so she manipulates her family into entering the more dangerous and profitable territory than pot. Getting involved with the new drug is setting her on a violent collision course with the likes of Franklin, a young street entrepreneur on a quest for power.

Genre: Crime
Viewed: 486

Preacher Season 2 torrent Description:

Fulfilling a promise to his deceased father, one-time outlaw Jesse Custer returns home to West Texas to take over his dad's church. Jesse's mission, however, becomes twisted when his body is overcome by a cryptic force that unleashes within him a highly unconventional power. Together with hell-raising ex-girlfriend Tulip and Irish vagabond Cassidy, the preacher-in-training embarks on a journey to find God in a world inhabited by holy, hellish, and everything-in-between characters.

Genre: Fantasy
Viewed: 1576

Top of the Lake Season 2 torrent Description:

Set in a remote mountain town in New Zealand, "Top of the Lake" centers on the disappearance of both 12-year-old Tui, who is five weeks pregnant. She is last seen standing chest deep in an icy lake, and all attention is focused on inexperienced detective Robin Griffin, who directs the investigation in precisely the exact same city where she suffered traumatic events decades before. Not only if she locate Tui, but Robin also embarks on a trip of self-discovery.

Genre: Crime
Viewed: 1269 | Downloaded: 311

Insecure Season 2 torrent Description:

Modern-day black women might be described as strong and confident; in other words, just the opposite of Issa and Molly. As the best friends deal with their own real-life flaws, their insecurities come to the fore as together they cope with an endless series of uncomfortable everyday experiences. Created by co-star Issa Rae and writer/comic Larry Wilmore, the comedy series looks at the friendship of two black women in a unique, authentic way.

Genre: Comedy
Viewed: 1933

BoJack Horseman Season 4 torrent Description:

When the celebrity of a '90s sitcom, where he was the father of three orphaned children. The series was the hottest thing about, then abruptly, had been canceled. Now 18 decades later, BoJack would like to recover his dignity. With the assistance of a person sidekick along with a feline ex-girlfriend who's his representative, he sets out to make it occur. However, Hollywood is enormously different from these days, and becoming used to things like Twitter can take a while.

Genre: Comedy
Viewed: 4115

The Fosters Season 5 torrent Description:

Stef, a dedicated police officer, is in a relationship with Lena. The two have built a close-knit family with Stef's biological son, Brandon, and adopted twins, Mariana and Jesus. When Lena meets Callie - hardened from being in and out of foster homes - the couple welcome her into their home, thinking it is temporary. Callie's blunt commentary about the atypical family hits a nerve with the twins, who struggle with their own identities.

Genre: Drama
Viewed: 1062

Shooter Season 2 torrent Description:

Former Marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger has entered a new phase of his life, living in exile after leaving the military. His civilian life doesn't last as long as he expects, though, with the discovery of a plot to kill the president. Former commanding officer Isaac Johnson, now a Secret Service agent, draws Swagger into the investigation by seeking his expertise for a clandestine operation to keep the commander in chief safe.

Genre: Action
Viewed: 3399

Will Season 1 torrent Description:

William Shakespeare is a struggling playwright who tires of making gloves in order to support his wife and  his children. He travels to London and sells one of his plays to a theatre owned by J. Burbage. He befriends the rest of the company, pushes out the previous playwright and falls in love with Burbage's daughter. While seeking fame and fortune in London, Will keeps his Catholicism secret from those who would threaten to kill him and exploit his connection to the wanted Robert Southwell.

Genre: Drama
Viewed: 948

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