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Sherlock Season 3 torrent Description:

After the conclusion of the last episode of the second series, Moffat and Gatiss both announced on Twitter that a third series was commissioned at precisely the exact same time as series two, and region of the resolution to "The Reichenbach Fall" was filmed concurrently with series two. Without revealing whether Moriarty also faked his own death at the end of series two, Moffat suggested that Moriarty won't feature heavily in future set of Sherlock.

Genre: Crime
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Sherlock Season 2 torrent Description:

Following the large ratings for "A Study in Pink", the BBC was allegedly eager to generate more episodes. On 10 August 2010, it had been verified that Sherlock was renewed for another series. In the 2011 seminar, Gatiss verified which stories could be accommodated, and that the writers of this initial string would write an event for series . Acknowledging that "A Scandal in Bohemia", "The Hound of the Baskervilles" and "The Final Problem" are one of the funniest Holmes tales.

Genre: Crime
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Sherlock Season 1 torrent Description:

The very first episode, "A Study in Pink", loosely based upon the very first Sherlock Holmes novel A Study in Scarlet, was composed by Moffat and directed by Paul McGuigan. The narrative depicts the debut of Sherlock into John, and them entering a flatshare in Baker Street in London, after that their investigation into a string of deaths, originally thought to be suicides. Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock's older brother played with Mark Gatiss, also looks for the first time.

Genre: Crime
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Vikings Season 3 torrent Description:

With the assurance of new territory in the English, Ragnar leads his people to an uncertain destiny on the beaches of Wessex. King Ecbert has made lots of claims and it remains to be seen whether he'll keep them. But ever the restless wanderer, Ragnar is searching for something more... and he finds it in the legendary town of Paris. Rumored to be relegated to external forces, Ragnar and his group of Norsemen have to come together to break down its walls and cement that the Vikings legend ever.

Genre: Action
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Vikings Season 2 torrent Description:

Yet there is a hefty price to cover Ragnar's ascent to greatness. Season 2 attracts disasters of religion, of electricity, and of connections. Brothers grow up against another. Loyalties change from friend to foe, and improbable alliances are formed in the title of supremacy. Ragnar's indiscretions threatens his marriage Lagertha, tearing his cherished son apart. Plots are suppressed, scores are settled, blood has been spilled... all under the watchful eyes of their gods.

Genre: Action
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Vikings Season 1 torrent Description:

Story follows the exploits of the legendary Viking chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok along with his team as well as family, as especially laid down in the 13th century sagas Ragnars saga Loðbrókar and Ragnarssona þáttr, in addition to in Saxo Grammaticus's 12th century perform Gesta Danorum. Additional inspiration is taken from historical sources of this period of time, like recordings of the Viking raid on Lindisfarne portrayed in the next installment.

Genre: Action
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Preacher Season 1 torrent Description:

Fulfilling a promise for his deceased dad, one time outlaw Jesse Custer returns home to West Texas to shoot over his father's church. Jesse's assignment, however, becomes twisted if his body has been overcome with a mysterious force that unleashes in him a highly unconventional electricity. Together with hell-raising ex-girlfriend and Irish vagabond Cassidy, the preacher-in-training embarks on a journey to find God in a universe occupied by sacred, hellish, and everything-in-between characters.

Genre: Fantasy
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Mr. Robot Season 1 torrent Description:

Elliot Alderson, a young guy residing in new york, who works in the cyber security firm Allsafe as a safety engineer. Consistently struggling with social anxiety disorder, dissociative identity disorder, Elliot's thought process appears greatly affected by paranoia and delusion. He links to individuals by hacking them which frequently leads him to function as a cyber-vigilante. Recruited by a mysterious insurrectionary anarchist called Mr. Robot and combines his group called fsociety.

Genre: Drama
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The Flash Season 2 torrent Description:

After the defeat of Barry Allen's arch-nemesis Eobard Thawne, Team Flash immediately turned their focus to the singularity swirling high above Central City, which buffs continue saw swallowing everything in its course. Equipped with the core of a hero along with also the ability to move at super rates, Barry billed into the eye of their singularity, but will he really have the ability to save his town from impending doom?

Genre: Action
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The Flash Season 1 torrent Description:

Barry Allen was 11 years old when his mom had been murdered in a bizarre and frightening episode and his dad was convicted of the murder. Together with his life altered forever from the tragedy, the father of Barry's greatest friend, Iris. Today, Barry has come to be a brilliant, driven and endearingly geeky CSI investigator, whose decision to discover the truth about his mother's strange departure leads him to follow up on each unexplained urban legend and technological progress that appears.

Genre: Action
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