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Wind River torrent Description:

US Fish and Wildlife Service agent Cory Lambert discovers a body in the rugged wilderness of the Wind River Indian Reservation. The FBI sends in rookie agent Jane Banner, but she's unprepared for the difficulties created by the oppressive weather and isolation of the Wyoming winter. When she employs Cory as a tracker, the two venture deep into a world ravaged by violence and the elements.

Genre: Thriller
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Bad Times at the El Royale torrent Description:

With an all around arranged cast, an epic story and Ron Howard guiding, it is extremely sensible to expect huge things from this film; the story behind the tale of Moby Dick, an amazing bit of writing which still figures out how to be especially present today. The story of a whaling ship which is demolished by an animal any semblance of which have never been seen, abandoning it's survivors unfastened adrift with not a single alleviation to be seen. 

Genre: Thriller
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Inconceivable torrent Description:

"Inconceivable" does not hope to be anything more than a Lifetime Original, however even with these reduced standards set up, the attribute does not carry a degree of insanity necessary to make it intriguing. "Inconceivable" is not campy, it is dull, and also the more helmer Jonathan Baker trusts from the remarkable limitations of this campaign, the tougher it would be to sit through the film.

Genre: Thriller
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Split torrent Description:

Though Kevin has evidenced 23 personalities to his trusted psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher, there remains one still submerged who is set to materialize and dominate all of the others. Compelled to abduct three teenage girls led by the willful, observant Casey, Kevin reaches a war for survival among all of those contained within him - as well as everyone around him - as the walls between his compartments shatter.

Genre: Thriller
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Patriots Day torrent Description:

Tragedy strikes on April 15, 2013, when two bombs explode during the Boston Marathon. In the aftermath of the attack, police Sgt. Tommy Saunders, FBI Special Agent Richard DesLauriers and Commissioner Ed Davis join courageous survivors, first responders and other investigators in a race against the clock to hunt down the suspects and bring them to justice.

Genre: Thriller
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Shut In torrent Description:

Mary Portman is a widowed child psychologist who lives in isolation in rural Maine. The horrific car accident that killed her husband also left her 18-year-old stepson Stephen in a bedridden, catatonic state, leaving him completely dependent on her. When one of Portman's young patients vanishes without a trace, she becomes convinced that the boy's ghost is now in the house as a dangerous ice storm starts to wreak havoc outside.

Genre: Thriller
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Deepwater Horizon torrent Description:

On April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explodes in the Gulf of Mexico, igniting a massive fireball that kills several crew members. Chief electronics technician Mike Williams and his colleagues find themselves fighting for survival as the heat and the flames become stifling and overwhelming. Banding together, the co-workers must use their wits to make it out alive amid all the chaos.

Genre: Thriller
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Berlin Syndrome torrent Description:

Clare is a young tourist backpacking around Germany, taking photographs and exploring shops. She meets a local named Andi and decides to stay an extra night in Berlin, having a one night stand with him. The next morning however she finds that he has locked her in his apartment with no intention of ever letting her go.

Genre: Thriller
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