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Guardians of the Galaxy torrent

Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the films that you can download torrent or magnet on our website. This 2014 Adventure movie is 2h 1min length and created by James Gunn. Look down for more data about Guardians of the Galaxy torrent.

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Guardians of the Galaxy movie torrent

Movie Guardians of the Galaxy Torrent (2014) Download

Brash space adventurer Peter Quill finds himself the quarry of relentless bounty hunters after he steals an orb coveted by Ronan, a powerful villain. To evade Ronan, Quill is forced into an uneasy truce with four disparate misfits: gun-toting Rocket Raccoon, treelike-humanoid Groot, enigmatic Gamora, and vengeance-driven Drax the Destroyer. But when he discovers the orb's true power and the cosmic threat it poses, Quill must rally his ragtag group to save the universe.

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IMDb: 8.1/10 (753993) | Genre : Adventure | Resolution : 1080p | Language : English | Quality : BRRip | Release year : 2014 |
Size : 1.93 GB | Film director : James Gunn | Lenght : 2h 1min

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Terms like "cinematic rollercoaster ride" and "excellent summer enjoyment" are likely being overused by every reviewer who takes a chance at describing "Guardians", but this is only because those words are really a fit for this astonishingly breezy sci fi action movie. It is the most recent offering from Marvel Studios, plus it is the lightest thing we have seen in a few time from them - in fact, perhaps ever.

"Guardians" lays out the MacGuffiny story of Peter Quill, aka "Starlord"- he is fighting a losing battle trying to create the moniker stick, as well as the picture gets a few laughs from his discouragement there. We learn a bit about petty offender, this footloose adventurer, and women guy by means of a childhood flashback that starts the film, so audiences will realize early on Quill is enthusiastic about 70s music and takes a beatup walkman. When we meet up as an adult he is going to get a definitely dangerous and cryptic silver orb for a black market buyer, and he is cutting his longtime business associate /father figure Yondu from the picture.

This orb, when broken open, turns out to have a rock that - oh, but it will not actually matter. This improbable team starts out at extremely at odds, using a four-way tussle in a public square as Quill attempts to defend the orb against Gamora, who needs it for her own goals. In the exact same time, he is defending himself against Groot and Rocket who would like to turn around him in exchange to get a money-making bounty establish by Yondu. Essentially, everyone's in agreement they have to stop chief baddie Ronan, a meglomaniacal religious fanatic out to obliterate a culture which he sees as "nonbelievers" and wants the orb to get it done.

Backed by the tunes of 70s pop melody "Come and Get Your Love" and played without a trace of sarcasm, the scene is a jewel. The truth is, it is that aforementioned dearth of satire that makes "Guardians" function so nicely. Without being skeptical, glossy, itis a postmodern mashup that is equally as concerned with material and heart as it's with construction and storytelling. But being sarcasm-free does not mean the movie is too-serious: Bradley Cooper voices Rocket, the raccoon bounty hunter, with a sarcastic bravado that supplies the gravely literal-minded Drax with a punchy counterpoint. 

Quill is epic, however he is not above placing the moves that are cheesy even though she sees right through him. As well as the introduction of Mr. Pace's Ronan, where he dons ceremonial make-up and runs a grisly elimination based on his outsized spiritual fervor, is truly creepy.

Observers can very quickly ride the momentum of the storytelling, even when they are faced with the ever-growing group of single-word character names that all appear to contain one too many consonants, or requested to keep track of who is out to maim/catch/kill/outwit/humiliate/seduce/slaughter who, in which unusually-named place, for whatever "okay, that makes sense" reason.

That is not to imply the storyline feels out of control. It will not - and that is some sort of a wonder in a movie with this much going on. Everything moves along in a rate that is tidy, sharing enough info to give circumstance to scenes and allow for enjoyment and showing character interaction without weighing down things. And he is certainly got a love for the genre: "Guardians" is packaged so filled with sci fi experience tropes that maybe it's destined to get a drinking game all its own, but it is never predictible. 

Half the pleasure of seeing the movie will be to see which of the tropes will be upended and versus which supply the pleasing to the crowd as well as will play out beats they have begun to expect in a large summer hit. And comedic throwaways or lines which could look like sentimental pay off in ways that are surprising, or are shown as subtle set ups for future storylines.

General, "Guardians" is simply plain fun, plus it is got plenty of heart. Crowds are obligated to fall for all these characters, especially Groot, who is animated having susceptibility and a sentience which you'd never expect from a tree, and expressed wonderfully by Vin Diesel, who gets surprising mpg -word vocabulary. As well as the movie's soundtrack probably will stand as the most surprising usage of decontextualized 70s pop music since "Reservoir Dogs". Yep, thought so.

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Guardians of the Galaxy torrent Guardians of the Galaxy movie torrent Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 torrent

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